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About Our Company

You have a delivery window and no margin for error. Our same day courier services and rush delivery solutions are the answer.

Whether you need to transport something across town, between cities, neighboring states or across the country, no one puts more reliable Same Day Courier Services and On-Demand delivery solutions at your fingertips using our equipment of sprinter cargo vans and trucks than Pen Pointe Courier does. We answer the needs of all customers the same day with competitive prices. Using online shipping wizard allows all customers the ability to track their packages from pick up to delivery.

Choose from three service levels:

  • Regular Same Day Service: Provides pickups on an ASAP basis with no hard delivery deadline. Deliveries are generally accomplished within three hours based on mileage.
  • Rush Service: Packages are picked up within 30 minutes and delivered within 1–2 hours, based on mileage.
  • Direct-Drive Service: The ultimate priority service: packages/freight are picked up within 15–30 minutes and delivered directly. No other stops made, no co-mingling of deliveries.

We’re a recognized industry leader in providing top-notch service, seasoned couriers, nationwide coverage and a “We Say Yes!” attitude. When we receive a request for service, our efforts don’t end until a viable, cost-effective solution is at hand.

Have something to deliver on an urgent basis? Give us a shout.